About us


To be RECOGNISED as Leaders in the field of Value Based Surgical Care


To RE-IMAGINE medicine through the eyes of the PATIENT, by delivering a superior patient engagement experience and, by providing Value-Based Medical outcomes.

Bespoke Surgical Institute was founded in May 2017 by a team of specialist surgeons who recognised that the global healthcare landscape was undergoing profound change. Specifically, the impact of data (and especially clinical data) was becoming a key component in medicine and value based medical outcomes.

At Bespoke Surgical Institute we recognise that the cost of quality healthcare is already unaffordable for many. We also recognise that access to quality healthcare is a universal right and that everyone should have access. Therefore, through intense education, research and investment in technology, Bespoke Surgical Institute has commenced a journey to develop Value Based Medical outcomes for its patients, driven by access to rich clinical data. This is reducing the ultimate cost of surgical healthcare to the benefit of the patient and other stakeholders such as medical aids and government.

Bespoke Surgical Institute has a passion for professional medical care, deeply rooted in science and precision surgery. The surgical team is based at Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital in Pretoria, a dynamic and innovative hospital known for excellent patient care.

Your long-term health is in the best surgical hands!